Abstract Submission Guidelines for IVACS 2020

Step-by-step guide for EasyChair submissions (PDF)

The deadline for submissions for IVACS 2020 is fast approaching, so we’ve responded to some FAQs from authors with a useful guide (with screenshots) on how to submit using EasyChair. Please see the IVACS 2020 Call for Papers for further information and follow us on @IVACS2020 for all the latest conference news.

You can download these instructions in PDF format here: EasyChair Abstract Submission for Authors

Before you submit

  • All users need to have or create an EasyChair account. Registering for EasyChair is free and takes a few minutes to verify. If you experience any difficulties with any steps of the submission process, please contact IVACS2020[at]gmail[dot]com.

    How to submit your abstract

    1.    Log in to EasyChair and go to the submission link below.

    Submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ivacs2020

    2.    Select Enter as an Author.

    3.    Please read the IVACS 2020 Submission Instructions at the top of the page, if you have not already done so.

    4.    Under Address for Correspondence, please include details of all authors.

    5.    Under Title and Abstract, enter details as plain text (i.e. unformatted text).

    You must not include identifying information in this section (e.g. name or institution).

    Abstracts should be no more than 300 words (the system will accommodate a word count of 10% under or above 300).

    Please do not include references in the abstract text box. You will be able to include references, graphs and/or images in the accompanying PDF document (submitted under Files).

    6.    Under Keywords, enter one keyword (or keyword phrase) per line.

    7.     Under Topics, choose the relevant strand by ticking the relevant boxes.

    Strand 1 – Corpus Methods and Innovations

    Strand 2 – Corpus Linguistics, Pragmatics and Discourse

    Strand 3 – Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

    Strand 4 – Corpus Linguistics, Literature, Texts and Register

    Strand 5 – Corpus Linguistics and Speech

    Strand 6 – Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

    8.    Under Files, upload the PDF version of your abstract.

    Please ensure that this document is anonymised and includes (1) the title of your submission, (2)your abstract, and (3)references (if any).

    In your PDF submission, please use Times New Roman pt. 12, left alignment along with the same abstract text submitted above. You may include images or other visual elements, if any. You may also include a list of references in the PDF file.

    9.    When you have completed all the required fields, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You will receive confirmation from EasyChair when your abstract has been successfully submitted.

    We hope that helps. We’re looking forward to receiving your abstracts!

Download this guide with screenshots in PDF format here: EasyChair Abstract Submission for Authors