Interactional Relationship Types



Pedagogic relationships are those set in contexts such as the classroom, tutorials, and lectures.


In this relationship category, speakers do not previously know one another. Interactions usually relate to a need on the part of the speaker or hearer. The aim of the conversation is to fulfil a transactional goal.


This relationship holds between people who are interacting as part of their daily work. This only applies to interactions where all speakers are part of the professional context. Talk that is not work-related, but occurs between colleagues in work places is still classified as professional.


This is closely related to ‘intimate’ and implies the voluntary interaction between speakers that seek each other’s company for the sake of interaction. This relationship is usually marked by friendship and is not as close as ‘intimate’. Typical venues include birthday parties and social gatherings.

Intimate This type of relationship can be defined by the minimal distance between speakers, and often involves co-habitation. It includes partners and close family and friends.