Postgraduate Study

Online MA in Applied Linguistics 

The IVACS research centre is delighted to announce its new taught MA in Applied Linguistics. This will be an online programme, over three semesters. 

Course overview

Semester 1 – three modules 

Core Features of Language: grammar, vocabulary and phonology 

Approaches to Language in Context 

Issues in Applied Linguistics or Classroom and Learner Discourse 

Semester 2 – three modules 

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics 

Corpus Linguistics and Language Teaching 

Phonetics and phonology or Discourse and Pragmatics 

Semester 3 – Dissertation 

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The IVACS Research Centre welcomes applications for MA or PhD research in the following areas: 

– corpus-based research into Irish English 

– corpus-based research into spoken language in context 

– the applications of corpus linguistics 

– corpora and pragmatics 

– corpora and language teaching. 

If you are interested in postgraduate study within the IVACS research centre, contact

Completed PhD theses within the IVACS Research Centre 

2013 – James Binchy 

Apparent randomness and chaotic non-linearity: changes over time in the essays of a cohort of philosophy undergraduates 

2013 – Tania Fahey Palma 

Investigating Communicative Strategies in Novice Professional Communities of Practice: A comparative study of Engineering and Marketing meetings 

2010 – Barbara Malveira Orfano 

A corpus-based study of the representation of spoken language in sitcom discourse 

2010 – Brian Clancy 

Hurry up baby son all the boys is finished their breakfast: A socio-pragmatic analysis of Irish settled and Traveller family discourse. 

2009 – Elaine Vaughan 

“Just say something and we can all argue then”: community and identity in the workplace talk of English language teachers 

2005 – Maria Palma Fahey 

A cross-cultural discourse and pragmatic analysis of two soap operas: Fair City and Amores del Mercado compared. 

Current PhD students within the IVACS Research Centre 

Margaret Healy 

A linguistic case study of the development of a Community of Practice within the Irish hotel management training sector 

Justin McNamara   

A longitudinal empirical study of adult learners of English in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference 

Kristin Horan  

A linguistic study of the discourse features of student academic presentations in Higher Education 

Abdullah Almuhaya  

A study of the discourse and pedagogy of online English grammar instructional vodcasts, comparing native and non-native speaking teachers in a virtual classroom.